Chuck & Clark

In the year 63, Planet C is taken over by the evil Emperor Chidan Undra'carpit who plans to enslave everything! All seems hopeless until one man named Chuck plans to overthrow him. On the way, he meets a cobra named Clark and they go on their epic quest to save their planet!

Updated every Sunday with two new pages consistently so make sure to stay tuned!

Chuck and Clark also has a Twitter you can follow for updates and side things!

About the Artist

The name's Burdrehnar, but you can call me Burd~

I'm a writer and artist that enjoys making comics of the stories I want to tell from goofy to serious. One day I want to write books as well! There's plenty in store outside of just Chuck and Clark, but I hope you enjoy this ride cus it's gonna be a wicked fun trip.

You can follow everything else I make artwise and storywise at these links below.